Requesting a new e-mail domain

If your plan supports it, Enlighten Hosting will be happy to set up a new Email domain for you.

Just make a support request either on our support site or via an email to and we'll have that set up for you in no time.

If you want mailboxes put in your domain, let us know their names and we will do this at the same time. We will set random passwords, and you can reset them afterwards if you like.

For email to work, you need to own the domain in question, and have the MX record pointing at Enlightens mail servers. 

Enlightens mail server is at the following address:  So you would need to ensure you have a DNS entry something like this: MX 10


If you use Enlighten for your DNS, then it will look a bit like this in your zones settings under your domain.

Note that Enlighten Strongly recommends that you also add in a Valid SPF record to protect your domain.  You can find more information about this in a different article.

The hosting team will do a quick check when they set up the domain and will advise you if they think something's not right.



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