URL Redirection

For local (nz) domains, we can offer URL redirection. Basically this works by setting up a redirection website on one of our web-servers.

This is a special feature of our Domains website, at Domain level.  Domain redirection is included free as part of the domains service.

DNS for the domain must be set up, and pointing at our web server, where we have a special site set up for redirects.

For a domain where we are registrar, using us as name-server is easiest (though it is not actually required). We set up a DNS record pointing at our webserver, which then informs the user's browser of the correct address. Normally this DNS record will be correct by default if the domain was registered with us. Lastly the redirect site is configured.

So in the technical/nameserver tab of the Portal for your domain, we would typically prefer you the have enlighten's namservers.

The in the DNS tab, you would have a root A record to and a www record to the same address (or a CNAME to webserver5.enlightenhosting.com)

www CNAME webserver5.enlightenhosting.com.

And in the URL/Redirect tab you would fill in the full address you'd like to redirect to.
This would include the http:// or https:// part.

Lastly, there is an option to "include path and query".  This essentially means to include the part after the domain in the redirect. For example:  it would redirect http://mydomain.com/mypage?hello  to http://mynewdomain.com//mypage?hello instead of just http://mynewdomain.com


I hope this has made that functionality clear.

If you can simply point the DNS at the site directly, this would normally be preferential (as it removes the redirection step), but it depends on your circumstances (in particular the configuration of the site etc) and what you are trying to achieve.



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