Updating your Domain Contact Details.


It is very important to ensure that your domain's contact details are correct, and you are reachable via the email addresses and phone numbers listed. 


If there is a dispute or an issue with the domain; third parties, the registrar, and the registry must be able to reach you to resolve them.  If they cannot, this may endanger your ability to retain the domain.


For "international" domains, please send us an email, and include who you are, to which domain this pertains, and what you would like to change or verify.  Different registries have different rules, and we will be glad to help you navigate the complexity.


For Enlighten domains (.nz) domains, you can update your own details see the below instructions.


You may wish to update your domain contact details.  To do this, follow the procedure below.

If you are unable to log in, see this article for details. https://support.enlightenhosting.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029515932


 Click the client Area Tab

Select My Domains



  • Choose your domain from the domain list by clicking on the name


  • Select Contact Details


You will now see 3 types of contact details that you can update. 

  • Make the changes you need and click "Update Domain" at the bottom of the page

It may take a short while before these changes show up in the Whois.


Here is some information to help you understand what these three different contact details are for.


Registrant Contact

This is the owner of the domain, and these details must be correct as this is a requirement of the New Zealand Domain Name Commission.

For policy reasons, you will be unable to update the name field here, however to do this you may fill in a COR  (Change Of Registrant) form, which can be found here. https://enlightendomains.co.nz/cor

You can update the other details however.  Please ensure the email address is valid.


Administrative Contact

If we need to contact you about this domain, we may use this address, and this address is also the one used for sending our renewal pro-forma Invoices.  If the email address here isn't correct it's possible you may miss that and the domain could expire unintentionally.

With Enlighten Domains, we may also use the email address and details under "My Account" to reach you at times, please ensure these are correct, also.


Technical Contact

If there are technical queries regarding the domain this address is used.  You are welcome to use Enlighten Domains here if you would like us to assist you with handling technical queries.



A note about privacy

If you are an individual, you have the option to keep your details private.  Click this link for more information.







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