How to Transfer a .nz domain to Enlighten Domains


It is easy to transfer a .nz domain from a different registrar to Enlighten Domains.


Things to know:

  1. Domains can be transferred almost instantly.
  2. Domain transfers are free if the domain is more than 30 days from expiry, otherwise it must also be renewed when it is transferred. 
  3. You need the UDAI; the current registrar must provide it on request.  A UDAI is valid for 14 days.
  4. Transferring the domain does not update the registrant, (change the domain's owner), to do this, you need to go through the COR ("Change of Registrant") process. Click here to learn about changing the registrant: 
  5. Transferring the domain does not update the Admin or Technical contact details.  Once the domain is transferred, open the domain and review them.  Click here for more information about domain contact details: 
  6. Transferring the domain does not update the nameservers.  You can click the green button to switch the nameservers to Enlightens ones if you like but do not forget that you also need to add all of the zone files (DNS entries).  You may wish to note down the current entries before you transfer.
  7. If you have an "international" (i.e. not .nz) domain you would like to transfer to Enlighten domains, please Open a helpdesk ticket and we will assist.


The Steps


  • Enter the Domain name and the UDAI. Use the dropdown to select the domain suffix. Note: if you are cutting and pasting, be very careful you don't accidentally paste an invalid character or a space, as this will result in an error.



          The system will check the UDAI matches the domain.

  • Follow the prompts to complete the transfer, and then you will instantly see the domain in your account.
  • Remember to review the domain settings, especially the registrant, other contact details and Nameservers right after transferring.






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