The domain: has been set to not renew



Why did I get this message?

You will have likely received this message because there is an open proforma for your domain that has not been paid, and the domain is now nearing expiry.  We want to make sure you keep your domain if you want it.


A short while before expiry, we set the domain to not renew (because we can't renew it without a payment), but you can still renew it and make a payment before it expires!


How to fix this

Log in at htttps:// and click my domains.

Now click 'View Unpaid ProFormas', identify the appropriate ProForma, and and make a payment to rescue your domain.  After payment review the domain under my domains, and verify the new expiry date.


Or, if you do not wish to retain the domain, you can remove the domain from the proforma.


Finding unpaid proformas



Is there another way to fix this?

If you can find the original proforma in your inbox, you can simply pay off this, for example via Direct Credit, up until the expiry of the domain.



How to stop this happening again

Sometimes this this situation may happen because the Credit Card payment information we have on record is out of date (for example the Credit card has expired or was cancelled) and we couldn't take payment.  To fix this, check and update the Payment details section under my account, and then make payment.

Also, we may have sent the ProForma to the wrong address (and so you never received it).  To fix this, Check your domain contact details (see for more on that).




Oh No, My domain Expired!

Note that if the domain has already expired, you may Still 'Uncancel' a pending release domain to rescue it and make it active again within 90 days after expiry.  A new proforma will be generated.  We advise to pay online by Credit Card as it is instant.

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