Keeping applications and sites up-to-date


From time to time, Enlighten Hosting will apply patches, updates, and occasionally upgrades to systems and services (infrastructure) delivered to clients.

In addition, websites themselves may contain vulnerabilities or issues discovered after their initial release, or that were missed during initial development.

While Enlighten Hosting will endeavor to maintain application backward-compatibility when possible, there may be issues with some customer sites and applications should they be discovered to have security or functionality problems, and while unlikely, it is possible a regular patch or update may adversely impact a site or application.  In these cases, Enlighten may have to take action to protect your site, and our services.

For these reasons reason (amongst others) It is expected that clients have not only developed their applications according to best practice but also keep them updated so that they will run correctly and securely as new weaknesses are realized and patches and updates become available and are deployed.

If Enlighten Hosting does take any action that may affect your site of application we will endeavor to contact you and keep you informed as to the situation.

Additionally Enlighten Designs will of course be happy to provide a security and design assessment of any website, as well as in some cases an ongoing support agreement for site management throughout its life cycle should this not already be covered.  If you would like more information about website design or support options, please contact  or call 07 974 4649 and ask for Digital Response.

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