Inbox rules for spam filtering

Our anti-spam system will not automatically delete spam, but will instead append the phrase "[SPAM}" to the subject of the email for messages that’s its mostly sure are spam. This way, you can use this to make your own spam rule for dealing with spam.

Here is a procedure you can follow with Outlook. Most mail clients will have a similar functionality.

You can set up a rule in Outlook that moves all messages with [SPAM] in the subject to the Outlook junk e-mail folder.

To do this:

  •     Right-click on the email that has [SPAM] in the subject line.
  •     Go the Rules and Create Rule,
  •     Then set up the next screen as shown below.
  1. Tick the "Subject contains" condition and remove the text that will be left after and/or before [SPAM]
  2. Set the action to "Move the item to folder", then choose your junk e-mail folder from the "Select Folder" option.




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