Setting up Outlook Sync

Note that Outlook Sync (and Active Sync) is a licensed Add-on, and you will need to be set up to use it. Contact us to sign up for it if you'd like it or want to know more about it's capabilities.

Enlighten's mail server can be used with Outlook sync to synchronize your Calendar and other items (such as contacts and such) between your Outlook installation on your PC and our server.

This means that you can use Outlook to manage your Calendar at the office, but always get to your calendar on the road simply by going to our web-mail service.

In Conjunction with this, you may also choose ActiveSync, with which you can even sync your calendar with Outlook on an Android device, or your i-device.

It's recommended that you use a new Outlook profile to set this up the first time (and give you a chance to copy your existing Calendar).


To set up Outlook Sync

  • Download the Installer for Outlook sync:


Run the installer


  • Click next

  • Tick agree
  • click next

  • Select "current user"
  • click next

  • Enter a name for the new outlook profile, 
  • Enter your full email address
  • Give the profile a friendly name
  • Click next

  • Enter your full email address
  • Enter your password
  • enter "" for the host name
  • enter "993" for the port number
  • Select SSL from the drop-down
  • Click test settings to verify.
  • Click next

  • Untick "use same as incoming"
  • Enter your full email address
  • Enter your password
  • Enter 25 for the port
  • enter "Start TLS" for the protocol
  • Click "test settings"
  • Click next

Note, changing this will provide better spam protection

  • Click next

  • Click Finish

Now you can open outlook, and select the new profile to connect to your mailbox.

If you need to make changes, you will have to uninstall, and then reinstall the plug-in.



Tip: To manage Outlook profiles

  • Open the control panel 
  • Click start, and type control, and select the control panel
  • in 'search control panel' type "mail"
  • Double-click the mail control panel

Tip: To move your calendar to Our mail server

  • search "Export and Import Calendar"


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